What is Smart Note Taker and where we can use it?

A  smart note taker is mostly used in places such as NPTEL lectures. "Smart Note Taker " is the technology that satisfies the needs of people who want to take fast and easy notes. In this article, I am going to publish What is Smart Note Taker and where we can use it in a detailed manner.

Explanation of Smart Note Taker: 

The smart note taker provides facility to people who want to make notes quickly. It can be used in many ways.
    • This technology provides the people a facility of writing notes in air while being busy in their work.
    • The written notes are stored in the memory chip of pen and will be able to read in digital medium after the conversation.

    • This reduces the time and facilitates life..

Applications of Smart Note Taker:

    • Apart from this it is also proved to be very useful for blinds who think and write freely.
    • It is also very useful in telephonic conversations between two people where there is a need of note taking.

    • It’s also useful especially for instructors in presentations.The instructors may not want to present the lecture in front of the board. The drawn figure can be processed and directly sent to the server computer in the room.
        • The server computer then can broadcast the drawn shape through network to all of the computers which are present in the room.
        • Through this way, the lectures are aimed to be more efficient and fun. This product will be simple but powerful.

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