What is blue eye technology?

Blue Eyes is a technology conducted by the research team of IBM at its Almaden Research Center (ARC) in San Jose, California since 1997. Blue eyes technology makes a computer to understand and sense human feelings and behavior and also enables the computer to react according to the sensed emotional levels. The aim of the blue eyes technology is to give human power or abilities to a computer, so that the machine can naturally interact with human beings as we interact with each other. All human beings have some perceptual capabilities, the ability to understand each other’s emotional level or feelings from their facial expressions. Blue eyes technology aims at creating a computer that have the abilities to understand the perceptual powers of human being by recognizing their facial expressions and react accordingly to them.
Imagine, a beautiful world, where humans collaborate with computers!! .The computer can talk, listen or screech aloud!! .With the help of speech recognition and facial recognition systems, computers gathers information from the users and starts interacting with them according to their mood variations. Computer recognizes your emotional levels by a simple touch on the mouse and it can interact with us as an intimate partner. The machine feels your presence; verifies your identity and starts interacting with you and even it will dial and call to your home at any urgent situations. This all is happening with this “Blue Eyes” technology.
The main objective of Blue eyes technology is to develop a computational machine having sensory and perceptual ability like those of humans. The Blue Eyes technology system is a combination of a set of hardware and software systems.
The hardware consists of a central system unit (CSU) and data acquisition unit (DAU). Microcontroller- ATMEL 89C52 is the heart of the data acquisition unit. Bluetooth technology is provided for the coordination and communication between the two units. We can adapt this Blue Eyes technology in all working places, where the operator’s attention is continually available. Using the Blue eyes Technology it is able to record and monitor the user’s physiological condition by a technical approach. The aim of this Blue Eyes technology is to provide a machine or system having sensory and perceptual abilities like human beings thus it will support healthy stress free surroundings where the computers and humans can work together as intimate partners.
Blue eyes technology consist of,
  1. Mobile measuring device or Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
  2. Central System Unit (CSU)
  3. The Hardware
Mobile measuring device or Data Acquisition Unit(DAU) of Blue Eyes technology:
The DAU used in the Blue Eyes technology is the mobile component of the system. The main function of DAU is to gather the physiological information from sensors and forward to the CSU for processing and verification purposes.
The blue tooth module, which is integrated with the mobile device (DAU), provides a wireless interface between the Central System Unit (CSU) and the user or operator having the sensors. PIN codes and ID cards are assigned to the entire operator’s for authentication purposes. The device uses a five-key keyboard, beeper and LCD display for the interaction with the operators and if, any unwanted situation occurs, the machine uses these devices to inform the operators. The ‘voice’ information from the user is transferred with the help of a headset, which is interfaced with the Data Acquisition Unit using a mini jack plug. DAU incorporates various hardware modules like system-core Bluetooth section, Atmel 89C52 microcontroller, EEPROM, Beeper, LCD display (HD44780), LED indicator, voltage level monitors and 6 AA batteries.

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