The most important new technology for solving world problems

There are so many new technologies out there, both already in play and under construction. This new technological world is amazing, but it definitely brings attention to how, despite the fact that half of the world is on its way to the future, a lot of the world still struggles with world issues such as hunger, hygiene problems, and poverty.
With so many new technological advances and devices, there are undoubtedly some that have already, or have the potential to help solve the world problems that affect the lives of so many. But which is the most important?
It would seem that the internet is perhaps the most important new technology for solving world problems, as it has directly helped many suffering at the hands of world issues, and also acts as an umbrella technology for many other technological developments.

 The internet has created millions of jobs

The creation of the internet saw millions of new jobs become available. Every website, software, social media platform, hosting service etc. requires people to run, maintain and fix their systems.
In an age where factories and machines have been the cause of a decline in jobs for humans, the internet has largely reduced unemployment levels and so tackles the rise of poverty.
The jobs created by the internet are also jobs that can be completed by anyone, wherever they are in the world, so long as they have access to a computer. Jobs that require coding can even be done by those alienated by language barriers, as coding is the same in any language. Employees don’t even have to be chosen from within the same country, as the internet allows for free international communication.
The internet also allows people to create jobs for themselves. Never before has been self-employed been easier. Setting up a website takes only a few moments, and with a website, you can set up any online business you choose. Even if you’re located in the middle of nowhere, whilst your physical presence might not be what you’d hoped, you can make your online presence as big as you want it to be.
You could even use the internet to make money without having your own website if you can’t think of a business idea. There are plenty of online sites where you can sell things, buy things to sell, or even work remotely for employers.

 The internet spreads awareness of world issues

Before the internet came about, those of us that are privileged enough not to suffer from any world problems didn’t really know much about how the other half lived and suffered. The internet-connected the entire world, and suddenly we were able to see and listen to the reality of world problems. Now we can see an impact of internet on our life in most of our daily steps.
Whilst this might not seem like the best solution to world problems, it has increased people’s awareness, and as a result, charities have been set up to help try and solve certain issues, and many have done what they can to donate or do their bit.
In this sense, the internet’s role in solving world problems is rallying the troops.The internet can educate and prevent further problemsThere are plenty of learning resources online, and websites giving out free information, so literally, anyone can access the information they need to stay safe and hygienic.
Whilst some world problems can’t be helped simply with education, things like hygiene problems and even poverty can be helped and prevented with the right knowledge.
Information about how to easily clean contaminated water can stop the spread of water-borne diseases, and potentially save hundreds of lives. Likewise, information about home remedies for illnesses can stop them from developing into something more serious, life threatening even.
Online courses and resources can teach you all you need to know to find an online job or learn a skill that could be your livelihood. By making sure you have the knowledge to always find a job if you need it, it’s less likely that you’ll fall into poverty.

The indirect effects and uses of the internet make it the most important new technology for solving world problems. It has put the whole world in contact and spread awareness about the need for change and solutions to world issues. It has also created millions of jobs for people all over the world and reduced the distance and difference between people, regardless of where they are from.

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