Artificial Passenger

The biggest problem for a driver while driving alone is that drowsiness can affect easily leading to fatal accidents and subsequent injuries. The proposed system is designed in such a way that the driver of a car would be in constant awake stage through a virtual passenger which chats with the driver.
The system tracks the face movement and various organ movements such as eyes, lips etc. By analyzing the face of the driver the application can give out a warning signal through the car stereo speakers and manage the driver to engage in a conversation. For that firstly we have make our voice profile and save it in the system. During driving when the application asks question, it will detect the variation in voice by comparing with the existing sound profile and warns us if we are feeling sleepy or we have a lack of concentration. 
The time taken for response is also noted by the system and if the response is swift and clear from the driver, a set of questionnaire will follow which the driver can engage with. This application can make funny and meaningful conversations regarding any topic such as music, news, weather, traffic etc. All these conversations are managed by a dialogue manager which inter operates with other systems inside the car such as stereo, GPS navigation, telephone directory etc. The software giant IBM developed a speech system called conversational interactivity for telematics especially for alone drivers, inside this system will be a natural language unit which manages the language of interaction.
A NLU is installed as embedded chipset inside the car and will have various grammar files to make it as authentic as possible. The response of the DU would be spontaneous. There would be an option to record and playback conversations done between the driver and the DU. If the system experiences driver fatigue it can alert or warn the driver to stop the car or lessen the speed.

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