3 Question Answers to Improve your Aptitude & Reasoning Skills:

 Q1) Which of the suggested answers best matches the relationship between the shapes in the image? 
A, B, C, D 
The arrow changes direction and the shape on the right has 1 more side than its counterpart on the left. 
Correct Answer; D 
Q2) Which shape is the odd one out? 
A, B, C, D 

This question is asking you to identify a rule that applies to all but one shape. Things to consider include what shapes are present, how many shapes are present, relative position, colour. In this example, there are 2 consistent rules the largest shape is consistently the same colour and the shape closest to the bottom of each square is orange. There is only one square that the latter rule doesn’t apply to. 
Correct Answer; C 

Q3) Which domino comes next in the sequence? 
A, B, C, D 

This question is a bit trickier, as it is asking you to notice that there are two patterns appearing at the same time with alternating dominos. If you consider the 1st, 3rd and 5th dominos the pattern becomes more obvious; the top number is decreasing by 1 and the bottom is increasing by 1. Now look at the 2nd and 4th dominos, there is a similar progression happening with increasing and decreasing dots. 
Correct Answer; A

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