What to look in a 21st Century Supply Chain Management System

The ideal “response management system” for a manufacturing firm provides all these critical features:

• Personal alerts that enable each user to define the conditions and thresholds where they should be notified to take action.

• Active spreadsheets that enable teams to view, share, and manipulate live data with real-time analytics through a familiar spreadsheet interface.

• Live scorecard that can quickly rank and align an unlimited number of alternatives with corporate goals and KPIs for best results.

• Resolution engine that drives collaborative action by simulating, sharing and reviewing options in real-time between team members, and across the supply chain.

• Source system agnostic so it can quickly access and deal with data from any existing ERP or legacy planning system.

• Web-based access for anywhere, any time access with a minimal learning curve.

• No costly integration with existing IT, since this new application can extract data from any ERP or planning system on-the-fly.

• Small IT footprint that requires next to no investment in on-premise hardware, and no expensive consulting for integration or testing.

• Quick startup, low risk, and fast time to results for a rapid ROI.

The 21st century software that meets all these criteria—and can supplement your ERP system far better than legacy planning applications—already exists. This software is available as an on-demand (or SaaS) offering called RapidResponse. This next-generation solution for S&OP focuses on integrated business planning, and provides a secure environment for collaboration, quick response, and fully informed decision-making. RapidResponse is a breakthrough application that combines the scalability of ERP, the analytics of planning, and the flexibility of a spreadsheet... while adding in collaborative features lacking in all of these other tools. 

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