Papad making as a business

Papad is an appetizer popular in the Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. However, papad has the popularity throughout the globe.Papad making is considered as a profitable food manufacturing opportunity, considering the low-cost capital investment.
It can be easily converted into a long lasting  business by any individual.Let us have a small glance about the raw materials,machine required and other requirements of a papad making business.

Market potential for a papad making business :

First of all take a survey about the reach and requirement in and around the place where you live .The two major deciding aspects are the quality and price. Accordingly we can decide the movement of our product.

Papad varieties:

We can find numerous different types of papad on the market. Generally, papad is made with different types of the pulse. Some of the most popular papads are :
  • Urad Papad
  • Rice Papad
  • Palak Papad
  • Moong Papad
  • Shrimp Papad
  • Aloo Papad.

Steps to start papad making  business :

1. Design a business plan :

Before initiating the business, plan  you have to design about the requirements such as acquiring raw materials,space,machinery,the financial support etc,These are mandatory things which we have to attain in order to proceed with our business continuously.
2. Set up papad making unit :
In this stage we need to make arrangements for a good spacious area where the machines can be kept which is also feasible with good electricity and water facility.Once the space is decided we have to register our business in ROC and get the license to manufacture.The registration methodologies varies from place to place .
3. Papad making machinery :

As a part of next step we need to select the machines required for papad making .The machine can be a automatic or manual one as per the quantity we are deciding to manufature. In addition to that we may also require a weighing scale and sealing machine at the packing stage . 
4. Raw Materials for papad making business :
The main raw material of any papad is pulse flour. However, what specific pulse flour you need depends on the specific type of papad you want to produce. So according to the taste and flavor, you must procure the pulse flour in the specific quantity. Additionally, you will need to arrange different spices, edible oil, and packaging consumables.

Papad making process :

Basically, you can prepare a different variety of papad with the combination of different pulses. Add the adequate quantity of water in flour of pulses, common salt, spices and sodium bicarbonate. Mix homogenously to obtain the dough.
After about 30 minutes, small balls are made and place these balls in papad making machine or papad press. Here these balls are pressed and circular papads are made as per the size of the mold. Then, you will need to dry these papads. You can opt for sun drying. However, machine dried papad gets a better look. Finally, pack in a lot of 25 or 50 papads in polythene bags.

Finally in the process of selling  you can tap the local retail market. And retail distribution is one of the most proven methods for spreading the materials. Additionally, you can contact the shopping malls and departmental stores. They are the regular buyer of papad. Also, consider selling papad from online marketplaces like Amazon.

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