Jute bag making as a business

The ban of plastic by government has made a great impact in the usage of jute for various storage purposes .Jute being a soft shiny long eco friendly and recyclable fiber which can be used for a healthy environment .Thus in today's growing population jute is playing a very large role and moving it as a business will surely bring in a positive result .Let us have a look as to start a jute bag making business .

Licenses required for Jute bag business : 

1. Registration of your firm in small or medium scale unit as one person or partnership companies with Registrar Of Companies (ROC).

2. Obtaining Trade License from local authorities after completion of VAT registration.

3. Then we have to proceed with the registrations such as SSI unit for ISO certification,GST and IEC code .

Raw materials required for Jute business :

  • Bamboo sticks.
  • Chemicals and auxiliaries.
  • Laminated and non-laminated jute fabrics.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Printing gum.
  • PVC buckle.
  • Sewing nylon threads.

Machines required for Jute bag making business :

  • Fabric cutting machine.
  • Heavy duty sewing machine.
  • Stencil equipment for printing coloring paints.
  • Lockstitch machines.
  • Woven sack bag cutting machine.
  • Side sealing machine.

Manufacturing process of Jute bags :

1. Make the raw materials such as Jute fiber and machines ready .

2. Proceed with Lamination,cutting and printing of the fabric.

3. The Jute has to be then washed and dried in sunlight .

4.Finally we can proceed with stitching and packaging for manufacturing .

These Jute bags can be sold in places such as shopping malls,departmental stores,textile shops,online stores.....

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