Interesting facts to know about Engineering

Below are some common and interesting  facts to know about Engineering .Hope it would be a useful one and let's take a look .....

1. First Engineer in the world : 

Imhotep is the first civil engineer in the world on record, who is known for designing and supervising the step Pyramid of Djoser.

2. Toughest branch in Engineering :

Mechanical branch is one of the toughest branch of engineering and it encompasses the core principles of solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, mechatronics and tools like Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing to design and analyze machines of all sorts and sizes.

3. Telangana Engineer’s Day :

This state celebrates the Engineer’s Day on the 11th of July as a tribute to Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur and not on September 15th.
4. Highest Paid Branch in Engineering :

Petroleum Engineering is the highest paid job in India and around the globe. In addition to this, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering are also in high demand.

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