Common software testing types

Nowadays, software applications are used everywhere -- hospital, traffic, shops, business organizations, etc. Software testing is mandatory before development .

1. Unit testing :

Testing each component or module of your software project is known as unit testing. To perform this kind of testing, knowledge of programming is necessary. So only programmers do this kind of tests, not testers.

2. Accessibility testing :

Testing whether your software is accessible to disabled people or not is termed as accessible testing. For this type of tests, you need to check if disabled people such as those who are color blind, blind, and deaf can use your application.

3. Alpha testing :

Alpha testing is a kind of testing to look for all the errors and issues in the entire software. This kind of test is done at the last phase of app development and is performed at the place of the developers, before launching the product or before delivering it to the client to ensure that the user/client gets an error-free software application.
4. Load testing :
Load testing is one kind of performance testing that tests how much load a system can take before the software performance begins to degrade. By running load tests, we can know the capacity of taking load of a system.
You can run load tests using tools like load runner , web load, jmeter, etc.

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