Careers vs job: following your passion

When it comes to making a career decision, ‘follow your passion’ is quite a commonly heard advice. Reality said, it can actually be a tad misleading, at least going by research. If you have been someone passionate about becoming a doctor or engineer or writer since your childhood and still pursued the dream till you got your job, you are certainly a lucky person. Better still, someone who has strived relentlessly to actualize his or her passion is definitely a hard working person.

Being practical or working towards your dreams?

Given how career choices have diversified, picking out the best that justifies our skills can be a little difficult. The debate between following your heart and working on your passions or being practical and going by salary prospects is a never ending one.
Lucky are those who can create a balance between these and opt for the best job. But this is not always the case.
One thing that must be remembered is that interests and pragmatism does not necessarily walk hand-in-hand. If you have always dreamt of becoming an actor and looked up to someone notable in the industry as your role model, it is not practically possible that you become such. Of course it takes time, effort and luck, but not being blessed with good looks or dire need of money from your family’s end may cause you to select another option.

Facing the odds

If you happen to be someone who has chosen a career path because of the need of the hour or expectations from your parents or the society, you are only settling for unhappiness or ‘mid-career crises’.
At the same time, one cannot deny that following one’s passion can prove to be a little risky at times, especially if the choice happens to be something that requires time, luck and fails to provide the much-needed security. The next time you wish to create a contingency plan, it is very likely that pursuing your dream failed to help you in this respect.
Taking career very seriously
Money is no doubt a very powerful and vital aspect of life. The present generation is a rather trouble done for most of us lack proper decision-making skills. Besides, the job market sees cut-throat competition as there is severe scarcity of proper jobs. It is for this reason many people are stuck doing odd jobs to earn some amount of money rather than trying their luck and keeping faith in themselves to see better days.
For those who feel they have had to choose a career path that’s not providing them enough bliss, going ahead with a part-time work that allow them to do what they are good at is a way out. Putting up with their passions at leisure hours and balancing it with the day job serves dual purposes- creative fulfillment and rolling in of extra income.
Making the final choice
Follow your heart but don’t forget the money. Here are few reasons why it is always safer to listen to your heart.
    The motivation factor is never missing
    It’s not merely some odd work that you are doing
    Working careers occupy a significant time of our lives, so better enjoy the phase
    The readiness to go beyond the duty is there
    Late hours doesn’t really impact much
    Success is bound to follow when you love what you do
    The money factor is not the priority
    There is an instant connect and satisfaction with the job

Now you know why it’s said ‘follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you’. Quite apt for this scenario too!

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