6 Great Qualities of a Leader:

Leadership is not innate but a learned behavior, in other words, a skill.Leadership cannot be described in terms of personality traits but rather expressed through actions and leadership styles.Let us take a look on some facts about leadership .

1. Leaders are great learners :

Leaders can learn from anyone and everyone, but they prefer to learn from recognized experts in their field. Driven by their need and desire to grow as leaders, they are compelled to learn something new everyday. They learn from books, audio recordings, videos, other leaders, and mentors.

2. Leaders inspire and motivate : 

There are times for a great speech and there are times for action, but in order to inspire and motivate others, research is finding that successful leaders use some consistent behaviors everyday:
  • They connect emotionally with people by being great listeners
  • They show the way by being powerful role models
  • They exude passion and enthusiasm about their endeavor
  • They provide a strong technical direction that stems from extensive expertise

3. They start and finish everyday with a positive attitude :

A person with a positive state of mind does not dwell on the problems and difficulties of the past, and does not let them dictate his or her life. Such a person would rather learn from past mistakes and move on.A positive attitude is essential to happiness, joy, and progress in life. This state of mind brings light, hope and enthusiasm into the life of those who possess it.

4. Leaders are mentors :

Leaders help foster the development and professional growth of their employees through mentoring. Research has shown that mentorship can elevate professional performance exponentially. In order to inspire performance, leaders must take more time to mentor and coach as well as to support networking opportunities and other performance development avenues.

5. Leaders must be confident :

Self-confidence is the cornerstone of leadership and a powerful asset. A leader must first believe in himself or herself for others to trust him or her. The reality is people trust leaders who exhibit confidence and also have the confidence to admit when they don’t know the answer. The role that confidence plays in leadership is the determining factor between an average leader and a great one.

6. The best leaders know to be humble :

There’s a big difference between controlling and leading with influence. Not only will a good leader strategically share the credit but they will also recognize that they don’t know everything and that there is always more to learn. Based on new evidence, humble leaders were found to be most effective, and it turns out humility is actually a trait that offers a competitive advantage.

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