9 Essential Team Management Skills for First-Time Managers

Being promoted as a manager to a team is an outstanding performance.Adding to that the next challenge is to handle the team from the management's position.This will have so many exiting opportunities and hurdles to face.Let's look at some points which would help you to manage things in a positive way as and then according to the situations.

1. Communication :

A Manager should be good at communication.The way he/she is able to communicate aptly the requirements with confidence and the same reaching the employees will make the team as a whole a great one to perform better.

2. Confident and Knowledgeable : 

As a manager you need to have some knowledge about the job profile which your team members are handling maybe the sales,production or marketing which will always provide a confidence to solve issues at critical cases.

3. Bringing out the best in others :

In an organization it is not alone a good result is performed neither with the help and support of all team members who is also responsible to hold hands.Thus being at a position of the manager you need to bring the best in each one of your team to bring an unexpected outcome.

4. Resolving disputes :

As like all fingers are not of the same is the members of the team.There may some employee who cannot find a solution even after the timeline.At this cases a manager should be helpful enough to resolve the issue.

5. Being approachable :

A manager should be a trustworthy person to whom employees approach in any cases such as an issue or difficult situations to handle. 

6. Willingness to learn from the team :

A manager should be always a down to earth person who is always willing to learn new things.Though we are educated in the subjects there may be many more to learn which may be taught by the employees.

7. Provide valuable feedback :

Everyone will be eager to have a feedback to know about their performance let it be positive or negative.A manager should be the one who is able to provide feedbacks to their employees in the right manner .

8. Know what your team does :

As a manager you need to know about each one separately in the team and the process being handled by them.Do take time to learn about each one of them,their daily routines so that it will be helpful to be engaged.

9. Be transparent :

Transparency within a team provides better results.The open conversation between manager and team members would increase a healthy relation between them.Also it would be helpful to bring in much more better ideas .

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