Without gas, there wouldn't be the first industrial revolution in the automobile industry.
Gasoline is a fuel derivative of oil, which is shortly called “gas” in the United States and “petrol,” in other places around the world.
To be more specific, petrol is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used as an essential fuel in internal combustion engines.
Petrol is the natural by-product and the invention here we are talking about is the numerous processes to improve the quality.
Do you know, gas was initially discarded?
During 1859, in Pennsylvania, Edwin Drake dug the first oil well and refined the oil to produce kerosene. Although the distillation produced gas, he discarded it as he was unaware of it. Until 1892, the prominence of gas wasn’t recognized. The first gas pump was manufactured by Sylvanus Bowser On September 5, 1885.
The year 1970 gained attention towards environmental protection.

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