How to Make a Longer Lasting Bubble Solution Easily

How to Make a Longer Lasting Bubble Solution Easily
How to Make a Longer Lasting Bubble Solution? Answer is- It's So simple! Just add a few drops of liquid-glucose to your regular dish washing liquid/water bubble solution - very easy, but very effective! It decreases the frothiness of your regular solution and makes it more 'slippery' and therefore reduces the resistance between solution and wand, enabling multiple bubbles with each blow rather than just single bubbles. It works particularly well for bubble-making machines, but is also excellent for both commercial and hand-made bubble wands.

➭Pour 600ml water into a 1 litre plastic bottle.

➭Pour 150ml-200ml dish washing liquid into the water.

➭Dip a teaspoon into a jar of liquid-glucose so it is well-loaded and dribble it into the water/detergent solution, and repeat (2 x loaded teaspoons).

➭Screw lid onto bottle and shake until liquid-glucose is completely dissolved.

➭Add another 300ml water to the bottle and gently mix by slowly revolving the bottle and turn it upside down a few times.

➭Leave overnight for best results.


P.S: The above recipes are approximate so experiment with your own ratios, but most importantly DON'T ADD TOO MUCH liquid-glucose otherwise it won't bubble up enough, or it will make the bubbles too heavy.

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