Two ways to view the typed(hidden) password in chrome

Hey guys,In this post i will show you how to view the password which is hidden on the password bar
here we go...

Way 1:Using Bookmarklet

Step 1:Just drag & drop the below bookmarklet on your browsers bookmark tab

                               Show Password        

Step 2:Now open the page in which the password is hidden 

Step 3:just press this show password barkmarklet. 
            Hurrah! your your hidden password is visible now.

Way 2:Using the Inspect element option on chrome

Step 1:Open the page in which the password is hidden.

Step 2:Now select the hidden password

Step3:Now right click on password & select the inspect element which is usually a last option.

Step4:Now find the text password & double click on it & change it to text  

Step5:Now press enter.that's it your hidden password will be displayed

P.S: Among the above two option which one do you prefer, feel free to comment it here
Lets me know if you have any problem on how to doing it,Thank you           

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