A Tiny Printer That Spits Out Whatever's On Your IPhone's Screen

A smartphone in your hand can replace a wallet full of paper notes and receipts, but there are still times when a printed copy of what's on your phone can be handy; whether it be for sharing a map with someone, or following an online recipe without getting your device dirty. And that's exactly why this tiny printer that makes hard copies of your iPhone's screen could be a wonderful accessory.
Using a Wi-Fi connection to your iPhone, King Jim's $160 Rolto printer uses a free accompanying app to ensure that exactly what you see on screen is reproduced on its tiny roll of thermal paper-even if the document or website has to be scrolled. Printing online receipts seems to be its most useful feature, but think how often you've had to transcribe something off your phone and you'll realize there's actually a lot of potential for this little thing. [King Jim via Japan Trend Shop]

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