First S Orb(Photosphere) Sample clicked by Galaxy Note 3(SM-N900T) appears

First S Orb(Photosphere) Sample clicked by Samsung Galaxy Note III(SM-N900T) for T-Mobile has been leak out which confirms that device is capable of capturing full panorma photos by offering upto 28.1Mpx pixels in single picture.

S-Orb is feature which allows you to take 360 degree panorma pictures.Other rumors about device camera is that it will not feature OIS but it would be capable of shooting 4K UHD videos.
Other rumors regarding device are that it may comes in two varaints.Cheap variant for developing markets with LCD display and 8Mpx camera and Premium variant with Super Amoled Display and 13Mpx camera.While rest of Hardware specs remains same
SM-V900T is LTE Variant of Samsung Galaxy Note III.The device will be unveiled on September 4 in Berlin