iPad 5 aluminium casing leak out,confirms same design as that of iPad mini

Apple iPad 5 casing has been exposed from every angle.According to sources the casing of device is smaller and lighter than its predecessors.The dimensions of casing are 240*168mm which is about 17.7mm less than iPad 4(241.2*185.7mm) and weighs only 100 grams.

They also revealed that device have thin bezels only 3mm(distance between screen and border is much shorter) than its previous versions.The volume buttons is now separated in two different parts which is also different from current generation iPad in which we only see single parts.

Speakers are now placed at bottom of device as we had seen in iPad mini.The color of logo has also been changed it is now silver in color instead of black color

According to previous rumors device will be 15% thinner and 25-33% lighter than iPad 4.The thinness is mainly due to the use of single LED Bar for back-lighting instead of two LED bars in iPad 4 which in turn also increased the battery life

Rumored Spec sheet of device
  1. 9.7 inch display
  2. A7X processor
  3. 8Mpx camera 
  4. Second rear facing microphone as that of iphone 5 
  5. comes in 16GB,32GB,64GB and 128GB variants 
  6. Support smart gestures 
  7. Wireless charging
The expected price of device will be $500 for 16GB variant