HD images comparison of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C/iPhone 5G with iPhone 5

HD images of iPhone 5S and iPhone5C/iPhone 5G leak out.In these images both the devices are compared with iPhone 5 from every angle

Comparison of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5:
In terms of design there is no major change only slight upgrade as expected from apple,similar to that of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.Some of the changes which we noticed from images are:

  1. iPhone 5S camera comes with Dual LED Flash
  2. The other change is of lightning connector,in iPhone 5S it appears smaller than iPhone 5.
  3. Colors of volume buttons is also changed in iPhone 5S
  4. Other hardware changes according to sources are that device may comes 12Mpx camera and 2GB of RAM

Comparison of iPhone 5C/iPhone 5G and iPhone 5
In terms of design,iPhone 5C/iPhone 5G it is different from iPhone 5 from every angle
Changes which appeared in these images are
  1. Use of cylindrical volume buttons instead of round buttons
  2. Use of 100% Plastic body
  3. Lightning connector is small
  4. four holes present on bottom of device for speaker and one hole is present for microphone.
  5. will be 1.5mm thicker than iPhone 5
iPhone 5C will be just refreshed version of iPhone 5.hardware specifications is just same as that of current flagship
According to rumors iPhone 5C will comes with price tag of $99 on two year contract and $349 for 16GB unlocked version
iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be expected to be announced on September 18.While on September 27 it maybe released in market

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