Confirmed:Samsung Galaxy Note III with Full HD LCD display Targeted for Developing Markets

In July a Korean Publication creates buzz in smartphone market by saying that Samsung will launch Four variants of Galaxy Note III and today again same sources confirmed that LCD variant of Samsung Galaxy Note III will be mainly targeted for Developing markets.

There were also hardware changes in LCD variant.This variant comes with 8Mpx camera instead of 13Mpx camera in Super Amoled variant.By deploying this the cost of production reduces by 20-30%.Samsung had already developed 1-1.5 millions units of LCD variant which is almost 30% of 4 million units developed.

While Flexible display will be mounted on device after checking response of device in market.Rumors about Flexible display is that it will be targeted for people who buys luxurious products.

Rumored Same specifications for all models are:

  1. 5.68 inch Full HD Super Amoled Display for developed markets and Full HD LCD display for developing markets
  2. Snapdragon 800 Chipset would be developed in 70-80% Devices whil 20-30% device comes with Exynos 5420 Chipset
  3. 13Mpx camear for Super Amoled Variant and 8Mpx camera for LCD Variant
  4. 3GB RAM
  5. 32GB/64GB internal storage
  6. 3420mAh battery
  7. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
The device scheduled to be unveiled on September 4 in Berlin