Asus MemoPad HD 8,Padfone Mini and MeMOFone HD 5 is under development

During a meeting in France,Asus has showed a raodmap of mobiles and this roadmap we got to see new devices such as Padfone mini,MeMOFone HD 5 and Asus MemoPad HD 8.

In the first slide we got to see Asus MemoPad HD 8 which will be upgraded version of memopad HD 7,which is available for Pre-Order in many countriesWhile the detailed specifications of devices is yet unknown.

Asus Padfone infinity is no doubt a great device and was widely appreciated at MWC2013 and in past we said that Asus is going to launchnext iteration of Padone infinity which will be known as Asus Padfone infinity A86 codenamed T004 which will be equipped with Snapdragon 800 SoC and Full HD Display.So According to slides this device may be called FonePad mini

And in Last we got to see 5 inch smartphone from Asus named MeMOFone HD 5 which could be a budget phone based MeMO Branding

Detailed Specifications of devices is yet unknown