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5 Things You’ll Need to Start a 3D Printing Business

If you have some detailed sketches for a robot prototype, customized eyewear, or designer toy, 3D printing lets you turn these ideas into tangible creations. Opening your own 3D printing operation could be the way to fuse your technical and artistic skills and turn them into a profit. Here’s what you’ll need to get your 3D printing business off the ground. 1.SoftwareThere’s a lot of great free open-source software out there. You might be able to rely on online shareware to complete your first few projects. However, as your business grows you’ll want to invest in at least a year-one license for 3D modeling software with 3D printing features. According to Micallef, some of the 3D-specific workflows of modeling tools that you should look for in software include checking printer models for 3D output, the ability to properly orient models on the print bed, and support generation, which ensures the model remains stable during the printing process. 2.Thermoplastic filament Materials are an essent…

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